The Science & Benefit of Human Design Readings (LOVE & SELF DISCOVERY)

Human Design is a new scientific study that is combined with astrology, IChing, the chakra system, and other esoteric studies combined. This science was discovered by a Montreal resident who was living in Europe at the time. None-the-less it has become a very crucial science not only for esoteric studies but also for the study of better acknowledging self. Today we live in a world where our day-to-day functions have drastically changed. How we connect with others and fit into this world is different than it was years ago.

Discovering what makes you unique is revealed in a reading like this. This system is unique in the way that the white lines in this photo can be highlighted with either black or red lines. The black lines are lines that we are conscious of and the red lines are lines we are not conscious of. The 9 centers are areas of how we use this energy and the white lines in your personal chart will show how your DNA and how this transfers this information. What is really interesting about this chart is that you can uncover who you really are and why your soul chose to come to this planet. There are gates and channels which make up a person's chart. What makes this science so important in a partnership reading is that you can see what you lack and what you need to feel complete. The more people connect the more you will see the creation of channels. Therefore, the more channels you generate within a graph the more energy and support you have. This is why when we are connected with others we often feel stronger and more stable than being alone. This is the reason why humans create social structures and bonding. 

The study of this has brought a valuable contribution to many of you who seek relationship advice, purpose and meaning of why you are here and living as well as better learning of who we are on a deeper level. In 2019 as I write this article Human Design is still a hidden knowledge that is far advanced for the time in which we live. Like many new things, it is not until later on when people will know the value of this information that will help so many people learn about who they really are and why their soul has chosen to connect to certain individuals in intimate relationships. Ask yourself why you connect to certain people and no so much to others? Why do opposites attract? What skills do you naturally possess and what ones do you lack? All this can be revealed in one simple reading. 

Take the time to invest in knowing yourself and the people you choose to have in your life. This hidden knowledge will give you the freedom and control over knowing why people function the way they do and when this knowledge is revealed to you, you will better navigate your relationships and view them from a completely different perspective-one that will give you peace ad superior knowledge.


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