This section is to help you find your extended reading. FAQ's stands for frequently asked questions about extended readings. 


1. After I pay for my extended reading where can I find it? After you have completed your purchase for your extended it will automatically be sent to the email that is associated with your PayPal. An e-mail from SEND OWL will automatically be sent to your e-mail inbox. Please check both spam mail and junk mail before contacting us about locating your reading.


NOTE: We do not accept PayPal cheques. If your payment is pending you may not get your link to your reading. Be sure to confirm your payment is processed so that you receive your reading in a timely manner. 


NOTE #2 (Paying Via Credit Card(s): When you make your payment from PayPal and transfer money from Visa or MasterCard You must complete your transaction to THE LOVE MESSAGES INC. It is a 2 step which involves transferring funds from your VISA or MASTERCARD to PAYPAL and then from PYAPAL purchase your extended reading. Please make sure you follow this step before contacting us and double check you have completed all transactions and purchases. 

2. What is an extended reading? 

An extended reading is a reading that is connected to the original reading for your sun, moon or rising sign on youtube. In the description you will see a link which will take you to a page where you will have an option to purchase an extended reading. You will have up to 24hours to view your purchase after that the link will deactivate and if you wish to view it again you will have to make another purchase. 

3. Why do I have to pay again when I already paid, but I want to see the reading again. 

None of our videos (THE LOVE MESSAGES INC.) are for ownership. The rights to any and all videos produced by Monica Luve in association with THE LOVE MESSAGES INC. are not for sale but are for renting only. To ensure that there is no copy right infringement or usage of our videos we have exclusively made this content (extended readings) available for a short period of time. This ensures the exclusion of our service, product, video etc so that no other sources can use this content as their own and furthermore reduces the risk of scams and sharing the links with third parties. 


4. Can I email you and ask you to send me the link - I never got my reading..?  

No. Please do not email us asking for us to share the link unless you absolutely believe there was an error on our end. Keep in mind this does happen from time-to-time however, you will get your reading delivered to you from SEND OWL in your e-mail box which is associated with PayPal. Be sure to check your spam and junk mail if you do not see it. 


5. I paid, checked to see if SEND OWL sent me an e-mail with the link and I still do not see my reading... Now what?

If you made a payment through PayPal you should get your reading in your email from SEND OWL which will have a link that will redirect you to your extended reading. If you still did not get your reading it could be because the e-mail you paid with via PayPal may be associated with a different e-mail, if this is the case be sure to check your e-mail that is associated with PayPal first before contacting us. 


6. I paid and I checked all emails and still there is no extended reading... Now what? 

If you have checked all emails and nothing has been delivered to you, then most of the time it is because the payment did not go through. If you do not get your reading in your email it is because PayPal has not confirmed your order. Be sure to double check that your order has gone through before contacting us to look into where your extended reading is. Payments that are still pending will not deliver readings automatically. Your payment must clear the pending stage for it to go through. Once you successfully make your payment your reading will automatically be sent to your email from SEND OWL. If it does not show up then you must confirm that a payment went through in order to contact us to look into it. 


7. Can I get a personal reading with Monica? 

At this time we are not offering personal readings. Please do not accept any offers for personal readings from any email source unless it is strictly specified and announced on YouTube that we are offering personal reading. Please do not email us asking for a personal reading. Emails are only for issues regarding extended readings. If we offer personal readings it will be announced in the community section on YouTube only. Any other offers to give a personal reading is a scam and is advisable not to purchase without verbal YouTube consent via any videos produced by THE LOVE MESSAGES INC. 


8. Can I work with Monica or offer to advertise on the platform?

No. We do not advertise on our platform unless it is through YouTube via adverts. We do not offer business partnerships through the platform. Do not email or contact us about this as we are not interested in working with any third parties at this time. Any and all emails that are outside of extended reading inquiries will be ignore. 


9. Do you offer any other means of payment other than PayPal? 

Unfortunately no, we only offer payment via PayPal as it is easier to track a purchase and offer our service accordingly. You can always open a new PayPal account and link your debt or credit card to your PayPal account in order to purchase an extended reading. We have chosen to work with PayPal because it is easier to track orders, offer refunds, monitor unauthorized payments and minimize scam actives. Thank you for understanding.  


10. I have checked all other options and still there is no reading

If you have read our FAQ's and still you can not find your reading please ensure that you have checked the e-mail that is associated with your PayPal account. If you are still having issues with receiving your reading please locate our contact details at the bottom of the FAQ's page and send us an e-mail. 


11. Can you send me the link in my email?

No. Please do not email or demand a link to the extended reading via our live chat. We will not give any links out unless absolutely necessary. If you paid, your reading will be delivered to the email that you added at the time of purchase or to the email that is associated with PayPal. Be sure to check all before reaching out to us. Keep in mind you have 24 hours to view the reading after that if you wish to see it again you will have to pay for it again. 


12. What should I include in the email or live chat customer service support message when emailing or speaking live about finding my extended reading? 

In order for us to take a look at your email or live char inquiry about your extended reading, you must include the email that is associated with your PayPal account (this minimizes fraudulent transactions and internet scams.) Include an order number which is 4 digits long. Include the email that is associated with your order. We do not accept screen shots of orders unless it has an order number and name attached to it. 


13. The reading did not resonate for me and I want my money back, or I did not get my reading I want my money back. 

There are absolutely no refunds on any digital products purchased on our website and or platforms. If you have not received your reading we will be more than happy to send it to you. All sales are final no refunds, exchanges unless otherwise mentioned from THE LOVE MESSAGES INC. (tarotlovemessages, Monica Luve, etc)

The extended readings are general and we can not guarantee that it will always resonate for you. 


14. If you have read all of our FAQ's and you still want to reach out you can do so by providing the following in your email below. 

Provide the following in your email: tarotlovemessages@gmail.com

- Name associated with your order (first and last name)

- Order # (4 digits long)

- Confirmation email with order number and name

- PayPal email address which is associated with your first and last name. 


15. What are your customer service hours of operation? We are always here to help you within the time frames of 10AM - 6PM. You may send your inquiry and expect a reply between these business hours. Thank you. 

 16. I do not like my product, or I made a mistake and bought the wrong extended reading, product etc... Can I get my money back? By purchasing from our store you agree that all purchases made in the store are final sale. We do not under any circumstances refund or issue exchanges on products that are discounted on sale or already consumed. Customer can reach out to us via customer service prior to purchasing to gain clarity on the product either via our 1800 number or by live customer service chat. You can find all contact details under contact us. Thank you for your co-operation. 



Thanks for your patience and understanding from THE LOVE MESSAGES INC.